Rob Lamberton


Rob Lamberton was raised with a tool in his hands. His parents lived on a small farm in Washington State where he learned how to work. In high school he started his own landscaping business to pay for things like car insurance. To get through college Rob added construction and building fire line to his skills. After College Rob Lamberton became a trail builder and blazed trails all over the Northwest. Rob recently went back to school and works as a physician assistant with an orthopedic surgeon were he continues to recognize the importance of having the right tools.

One tool in particular gained Rob's special appreciation. This tool is the McLeod, a tool commonly used by trail builders and forest fire fighters, but little known by others. It was this tool that inspired Rob to create the Lamberton Rake. Rob believes the Lamberton Rake is even more versatile than the McLeod. He continues to enjoy using his Lamberton Rakes for volunteer trail projects and around his home.

He is confident that the usefulness of the Lamberton Rake will make it a familiar tool to contractors, landscapers and homeowners everywhere.

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"A tool you can grow with!"