Lamberton Rake

Lamberton Rake

Lamberton Rake


The Lamberton Rake is designed to be useful for a variety of tasks. All of our rakes and hoes are now made from high tensile strength steel. For the trail builder all of our products are a good choice. The standard Lamberton Trail Rake is our most popular model. For those with the extra muscle, who want the extra weight, we offer the Heavy Gauge Lamberton Trail Rake with a wooden handle. For most trail builders the standard Lamberton Trail Rake is the best choice.

All of our rakes and hoes are double sided. One side has strong durable teeth and functions well any place you would use a Bow Rake or a Stone Rake.

The other side is solid with a sharpened edge. It is great for pushing or pulling material. The sharpened edge aids in working loose hard compact material.

Each end is also sharpened which provides even more power to work loose compact material. For the gardener the Lamberton Rake works well as a hoe. The tool head is made of strong abrasion resistant steel. The tool is tuff enough to chop through fair sized tree roots.

Whether you are a contractor, landscaper, gardener, trail blazer, farmer, firefighter or homeowner the Lamberton Rake will work for you.

"A tool you can grow with!"